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Ten Things meme

Well why the hell not...

1. I considered becoming a priest until someone told me that girls couldn't become priests. (I'm catholic) Did consider just becoming a nun, but decided against it, being a priest was so much cooler

2. Studied for a year to become a religion teacher, flunked the year though.

3. I once stole a book at the Antwerps bookfair, yes I'm evil, but the damn thing was way overpriced.
I'm sorry?

4. I actually considered taking a guy's proposal for marriage, even though I'd only just been introduced to him that day. The fact that he offered it in high likelihood to get a permit to stay in Belgium, had of course nothing to do with his offer. The fact that I was too polite to say an immediate no and break up with him for the next month might have had something to do with how long we stayed together.

5. I visited Paris, bought some nice comics and got them shredded when my uncle noticed what I'd spent my money on. Still angry with that cause I hadn't even gotten the chance to read over half of them*grumble*

6. When my class visited Prague, 90% of our group got drunk on cheap wine and vodka, the 10% that didn't? Me and the teachers. I really don't like the taste of the stuff.
Our school was not invited back at the same youthhostel for the next year, I wonder why, just cause we were noisy, drunk, refused to stay in our room and put the entire town in a mess*eg*
(us meaning, everyone but me and the teachers*g*)

7. When I was twelve, my parents and me took a trip with business partners of theirs, I was allowed to stay a few days longer with their daughter and got to come back on my own.
It was an adventure I tell ya...

8. I wrote an original novel when I was 14, my main char was Dracula's son.
I had never heard of fanfic at the time.

9. I visited a sculptor when I was eight, the next year I spent knocking on rocks, pretending I was going to be a sculptor myself.

10. I have considered driving my bike under a car after finding out I had to repeat my fourth year of highschool. I didn't do it cause I thought it would hurt too much. It still seems to be a good option for when I go broke.
Reads that, thinks of how it might look, no I'm not gonna kill myself, no worries, still have too low a pain treshold to ever do it. Doesn't mean it can't be a comforting thought at times...

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