Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,


I need a Spike/CSI crossover damn it!!!!!!!

and with that out of the way, let's go back to our regular scheduled attempt at sanity...

I'm getting worried. I've been working at the same factory since june with the exception of a few months of vacation. Problem is, work is quiet these days, so us interims were told to stay home.

That's all of this week, one day of last week and two days of the week before that.
Yesterday the interim office told me I could work on monday and tuesday, only they called again an hour ago, and now it's all of a sudden only on tuesday, I'm just hoping that won't be taken away as well.

Thankfully I got my vacation money from the state, so I've got the rent for this month and to pay thebills for those Complete Spike trading card set and my Angel S5 dvd's that I ordered for this month.
But it's still a pain, since who knows what'll happen next month.

I want to work, I want to earn money and I don't want to depend on a much lower unemployment wage...
And it's driving me insane to be at home here.

I've also stopped drinking coca cola which is driving me insane, cause my addiction to the stuff was pretty bad.
I've been on the wagon for one week now and desperate for a can of coke...

Total score, going insane, wanting things I can't have and well.....

To end the score, would someone please want to write me a Spike/CSI, Spike/L&O or Spike/any copshow crossover ficlet, drabble, epic series, whatever...
I need it, my sanity needs it
And you don't want to see me go insane do you?

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