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Fic: Clipped Wings(4/?)

Title: Clipped Wings
Author: Lore
Rating: R (for implied violence and rape)
Pairings: starts out as B/A, includes very dark present time spangel and ends up B/S
Summary: AU s5, Angel has everything he wants, power, prestige, Buffy ... so why isn't it enough?
Notes: This was an experiment at using the fade to black. Small warning, Angel is very nasty in this one.

Buffy walked right past Angel. He didn't even try to stop her. It was only when she ignored him as she started walking up the stairs that he started yelling after her. He no longer existed for her. The Angel she thought he was, the Angel she'd loved.... it seemed he was long gone.

"Damn it Buffy, it's just Spike."

He'd managed to get in front of her; vampire speed; she just spat in his face.

He grabbed her arm, she pulled loose.

"Do you really hate him that much?", it was the first thing she said to him. "Is that why you did this?"

Angel looked almost confused, his fingers playing with his necklace and the amulet hanging down from it.

"Spike?" The name echoed through the otherwise empty hallway." Why would I hate that little runt – 'cause he's a no good copy cat? Because you whisper his name when you sleep? Because even now, standing here, he turned you against me, again. So give me one reason why I regret realizing that there was at least one purpose for that damn cuckoo that Dru punished me with.

Buffy was pushed back against the wall as he kept coming closer.

"She knew. Even then. 'The bravest and wisest knight of all the land' is what she called him."

It was a stranger looking at her, a stranger... not Angelus, not her mysterious hunk of the night that she'd damn near worshipped when she was a child... someone so petty it was almost...

"You used me." She pushed him away. It was so easy to forget, for the both of them, that of the two, she was the strongest. "You used me to hurt him. Didn't you?! Was that all it was?"

"Buffy." His voice sounded like that of an exasperated father talking to a child that wouldn't understand why it couldn't go to Disneyland.

"You better run Angel. Because as soon as I find Spike and I'm sure he's alright, I will come after you." She pushed her finger in his chest "And you'll regret every second of pain that you caused him."

If Angel still didn't believe her, she no longer cared, all that mattered was Spike, finding him and never ever letting him go again. Even if she had to lock him up in the Council's manor in Rome in order to do so.


Harmony looked around the corner, making sure that the boss wasn't there. Three more sneaks, one hall, two... she froze in shock when she saw no trace of Spike in the small office. Sarah was sitting behind her computer, quiet as hell, shaking in her seat, but Spike was nowhere to be found.

"Oh thank God you're back Miss Kendall. Not meaning to be a bigot, but that vamp friend of yours... he's starting to scare me."

Spike? Scare her? Huh?

"Really? Most people'd call Spike a softie."

"Not a softie."

It's only than that she noticed Spike hiding behind the couch, just out of sight. Damn it was hard to smell him through the perfume.

"Hey you're talking. Finally. Cause for a guy who normally never shuts up…"


She could faintly smell blood still seeping down from underneath his clothes. She ordered him to hitch up his shirt and started bandaging him.

It was nice how accommodating he was. See another word learned. Spike normally never did what she told him, not unless she bribed him. That sire-get stuff really must play head games with the guy’s mind. It was almost enough to make her grateful that her sire had been dusted before he could have tried any of that domination crap on her.

She was her own vamp you know – listening to no one except Angel, cause he paid her salary, and man was he going to be furious if he found out she was hiding Spike.

But it was Spike. I mean, Spike, doing that poor helpless, 'please care for me'-thing, with that sad look in those eyes and those cheekbones… bleeding from dozens of sexy wounds all over his body. And the cuffs...a really good look for him. Even Angel's wrath wasn't enough to undo Spike's sinister attraction.

She just hoped he wouldn't fire her over it.

"Why would Angel do this? He's this big champion right? I mean, sure he's still a vampire but..."

Spike just bowed down his head, unable or unwilling to answer.

"Is this normal vampire family business? Cause I thought about looking up what bloodline I came from, but if it's like this, all the time."

Spike withdrew back in himself.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not gonna let him know you're here."

"She hates me."



Spike looked so small, rolling up in himself. Little was left of the Big Bad that had swooped her off her feet with his sheer sense of power and sadness. Then it was because of his loss of Dru, now…

"That bitch? Oh god Spike, please don't tell me you and her... oh god, ewww. You and the Slayer.... Geez, no wonder Angel hurt you."

Spike didn't seem so eager to disagree. It almost scared her. Had Buffy done part of this to him?
Sure she was the Slayer, supposed to kill their kind and all... But... Harmony thought she might be wrong, but she'd always assumed that the good guys weren't supposed to be into torture, the fun kind that is.

She dared to brush her fingers over his hands. "Don't worry Blondie Bear. She's not coming anywhere near you either."

"Well you've got one thing right." The voice rumbled from behind them.

Spike froze underneath her touch. Harmony turned around. It seemed as if she were sliding through butter before she saw him standing in the door.



Angel hadn't even needed to look around the building; he'd instantly headed for security. At least the tracker he'd had implanted in his offspring had been worth it's money. He'd worried that the bastard would try to escape sooner or later.

Spike was hiding behind the furniture. Stake him, get rid of him, or kick his ass, he wasn't sure which of the two he wanted to do more. No, dusting him would be too easy. He'd just have to make sure that this time there was no way that Buffy could find his waste of a childe.

Harmony tried to stop him, but Angel threw her out of his way, watching her go down as she hit the wall.

Spike was trying to get up.

"Oh can't get to your ickly feet, can you little Willie." Angel taunted.

Spike tried to attack him, but he was all too easily brought down. The boy should have known he was too weak to have any chance against him.

"Please don't hurt her."

"Shut your mouth Spike. I don't want to hear another word from you."

Spike stared up at him.

"One more word and she's flying out as glitterdust."

Spike's mouth froze before his next word. He finally bowed down his head, resignation seeping through him.

"Little Willy, so used to hiding behind women's skirts, can't even do it on his own, can he? Did you crawl between her legs to get her to help you. Shower her with kisses to make her go mmmm, I should betray my employer today?"

"You bastard, you sick twisted bastard."

He could barely believe it when he had to push Harmony off his back, the little twit had actually dared to attack him again.

"Harmony. You're fired."

He would have staked her, if Buffy hadn't picked that exact moment to find them, pushing his stake out of the way and forcing him to the ground.

Something cracked, a small thing, the little amulet that held the key to the office. And as Angel hit the ground he stared up at the sky, at Buffy...


It was like a fog lifted from his brain, making him see clear for the first time in months. Spike crawling his way up to them, ready to guard Buffy's back, even broken as he was, even thinking she'd hurt him. It was Buffy after all.

And Harmony, poor little soulless Harmony, fighting him because.... He didn't even bother to try and defend himself; the horror of what he'd done was more than enough for him.

"I'm sorry."

The words came hard from his lips. He didn't think Buffy cared. Spike turned away from them both, leaving them. Buffy let go of him and ran after Spike.

Angel sat up, searching for the amulet, the key that Lilah had given him, right after taking over. Just touching it filled his head with hate, jealousy. He quickly crushed it and threw it away.

What had he done?

"I'm sorry."

Even Harmony hadn't stayed to hear him say it.


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