Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

My Spike

My Spike:

Loves his mum and will stick up to anyone who dares call him on it.

Prefers playing cards with Dawn over kittenpoker,
and still regrets that Buffy didn't let him babysit Dawn no more
after she came back

Loves a good shag, but likes to cuddle more.

Thinks the female are the more dangerous of the species,
and likes them more because of it.

Loved Joyces hot cocoa and came to see her even when Buffy wasn't
there to see it.

Thinks that watching soap opera's is a perfectly valid way to spend a

Likes the feel of leather, it makes him feel all manly,
but still thinks it itches.

Likes Xander, but hates the way the man treats him.

Is hurt by Giles' easy dismissal of him and wishes the man would give
him a chance.

Loves Buffy beyond a doubt,
would die for her, live for her,
but can't bear to see her love another.

Looked up to Angelus,
loved shagging him,
but still hates the bastard guts for what he did to Dru.

Doesn't see the need for torture,
chains on the other hand...

Can sit quiet for hours to read a good book,
but can't stay still for half a minute otherwise.

Is a bit of a poser,
who uses the Big Bad as a protection against the world.

Doesn't mind crying in public,
but still hates himself after doing it.

Is hurt that Dawn seems to have forgotten all about him,
but is glad that she's found a friend in Xander.
Is jealous as hell at Xander for that.

Will never hurt Buffy again.

Is still looking in his dictionary for a suitable word to describe
Buffy, you know one better than 'one hell of a woman',
but can only seem to come up with 'efulgent'

Feels guilty about his crimes
but doesn't think that this is anyone's business but his own.

Thinks that brooding in a corner is a waste of time.

And hates himself for wanting to kill that guy that holds up the traffic, or the moron that cancels his favorite shows. Isn't sure if he shouldn't be feeling guilty about that.

Went to look in on Angel first after getting the chip,
but didn't think that broodboy would go for it.

Wants Angel's respect, but is too stubborn to let him know.

Sometimes dreams about Angel.

Still wonders why Angel never came back

And would still go for the soul, no matter what.
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