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Rant or Babble, you decide: For the love of Gunn

As you all probably know (if you read my journal at least*g*), I love Spike, and I got the sidequote to prove why*g*.
But there is one other char in the Buffyverse who I simply love, that you might not realize.
Mostly cause for some reason I have trouble writing him as a main char, esp. in slash fic.

Can't really explain it, I mean, I love this guy, I thought J. August Richards was the best actor Angel had till James moved over. J is hot, Gunn is a fascinating char and had so much potential that it's a shame he never got the attention from the writers that he deserved.
And yet, despite all that, I find it hard to write him in a slash pairing.

Of course, it also took me years to even be able to read Xander in slash, even when I did use to love the character.

It's basically a little thing that you could call the slashability factor.
Some chars have it incredibly high, like Spike or Wes or Lindsey. That sense that it doesn't even take any work to imagine them in a slash pairing. Now I'm not a huge Wes fan, but I do understand that there's lots of people who do love him. And I'll freely admit that when you like him, it's easy to put him with any other char and make it work. (though I personally think that fluffy Spike/Wes isn't possible, since Wes'd only be using him either to substitute for Angel or to make Angel jealous, and I feel that Spike deserves better than that. And no, I'm not a Wes/Angel shipper, it's just that from watching Angel, Wes' crush/obession/love/deep devotion/deep admiration for Angel is just impossible to ignore. )

Then there's guys like Angel, like Xander, like Gunn, guys who could be slashed, but just don't give off that vibe that they'd fuck any man that walks up to them.
Now admittedly, Angel also has the problem that he only has chemistry with men, and Darla for some reason (but then again, Julie Benz is like JM, she could have chemistry with thin air)
But see of these three, for me Gunn is most problematic, cause I actually adore the guy, I just can't seem to slash him.
(well that and I don't read Buffyverse fic unless Spike's in them, Spike=center of the Buffyverse and all that)

So is that the reason that there's so few Gunn-slash, you know, where he has more than a cameo or a supporting role. Not Wes/Gunn, since the Wes-bit'd be a turn off. But Gunn/Spike, or Gunn/Angel or Gunn/anyone.
I mean, there's tons of Xander-slash, even though Xander and Gunn play much of the same kind of part in the group. They're both the regular guy, they're bot hot, they're both the one put aside for the girl to fall for someone else.
Gunn has a angsty past that's perfect for fic. Like Xander he had to stake a loved one that was turned into a vampire. He's got the no-parents, grew up on the streets past that's perfect to put tons of actually canon abused kid-stuff in fics about him.
He's funny, he's loveable, he's caring. He's a hell of a lot nicer to Spike than Xander ever was. He treats people decently, is heroic, has issues. And yet way too few people write about him.

So what I was trying to say, in a kind of senseless babble which is exactly why I don't even try to sign up for essay thingies*g*...

Could someone please, pretty please, write me some Gunn/Spike fics?

Pretty pretty please, with a chocolate covered Spike on top.

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