Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Hmmm, been busy writing a fic for btvs Santa and not even close to being finished*grumble*
Just hoping noone'll mind that my spangel au will be a bit more delayed...

But how to write S/X when even though you read the pairing, you've never actually written it. (for more than a drabble at least)

Person I'm writing it for though, hasn't even seen anything post S4 of Buffy and doesn't want to be spoiled. One of the chars in their preferred pairings was Riley, and oh yes, Graham, and Oz. That's count 'm three that I have no interest in.

And since Angel/Spike was not a fave, I'm trying out Spike/Xander.

So far, the fic's called Seventeen, not so Hostile
AU after the Initiative.
If I get that and the icons ready before Jan the 1st I'll be extremely happy.

Now off to get a shower, get ready, unc is picking me up for the first of the family christmas parties in less than two hours and I still have to go shopping.

So in case I don't get online soon enough...

Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all.

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