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meme taken from inlovewithnight

1. A character you absolutely worship
2. A character you like
3. A character you could give or take
4. A character you don't really care for
5. A character you'd like to spork

1. Characters I absolutely worship
A.Spike, of course, no doubt, dark, loving, heroic, anti-hero, regular guy, fool for love and probably the best char ever to come out of BTVS. He's the main reason for me to watch the show.
B.Gunn, kept me watching Angel up to S5 when Spike moved over. Just wish he'd gotten more screentime.
C.Buffy, pre S6. Before she became a domestic abuser in season six, Buffy was my favorite character, caring, loving, gentle but hard. Just a shame that Marti ruined such a big part of her, making me doubt even what I used to love about her.
C.Joan Gerardi(JoA), I just love this kid. She's flawed, childish, but has such heart, kindness.
D.God on JOA, snarky, wise, funny, allknowing and still... Everything I'd like to believe God really is.
E.George on Dead Like Me, snarky, flawed, sarcastic at times...
F.Peter Parker (Spiderman), I just love Pete, he's so human, so real for a superhero. He's the guy that could be us, and yet, he's more than that. He's a hero, takes responsibility for his actions, and can yet be so deliciously childish at times and I just love his marriage to MJ.
G.Harry Potter, I just love his entire journey into growing up in the books. Imperfections and all. He's never a perfect hero, he's flawed, he has lessons to learn and yet he has his heart in the right place.

2.Characters you like
A.Dawn, (esp. in scenes with Spike, her big brother-little sister bond with him is what got me interested in the char)
B.Buffy post season six, what can I say, even abusive Buffy is still interesting.
C.Xander when he's not being a bully
D.Fred, caring, loving, was a friend to Spike when he needed one
E.Nightwing, fascinating char, esp. when compared to his mentor Batman. Just such a great look at a grownup sidekick and what kind of a grown man that this first Robin turned into.
F.Any and all other castmembers of JoA, that show has just such a great set of chars.
G.Tara, once she grew a backbone in S6

3.A character you could give or take
A.Andrew, much as I love his hug for Spike in Damage, I just can't start loving a char for just one scene, when most of his other scenes either annoy me, or leave me cold.
B.Angel, unless it's in fanfic. He gained a lot of credit in NFA, but still...
C.Lorne. I never felt the pure liking for Lorne that most people do, sorry for that.
D.Wesley, pre season 3 of Angel
E.The Potentials on Buffy

4.A character you don't really care for
A.Wesley from S3 of Angel on. I don't connect with the guy and he bores me. He just lost every bit of humanity he had before his 'dark fase'
B.Riley, boring, tepid, just a waste really.
C.Superman(comics). Might be I'm wrong, but his char is just so... boringly all American. Way too perfect. Boring.
D.Oz, he's just... boring. All taciturn and supposed to be deep, yet he just seems to fade away when he's onscreen.

5.Characters you'd like to spork
A. Willow, she annoys the hell out of me, her every scene is a pain to watch and I've wanted her dead since season two. She's Joss' Mary Sue and it shows. No matter what she does, she's forgiven, he totally ruined her arc in S6 by backing out of it with the addiction storyline. She might have moved up a category or two, if they hadn't been scared away from having her really go evil with her selfcentered self-righteousness. Yes I hate her, k. (running away now from any and all Willow fans*g*)
Well, I wanted to give more, but as much as some people annoy me, there are none that I really despise like I do Willow... See, she's in a league of her own.

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