Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dad rules (so does mom, but in a different way*g*)

It's hard to learn he's fallible
Your father wise and strong.
It's hard to learn he makes mistakes
To know it does belong.

Yet sometimes, with all gone wrong
and daddie shows up out of the blue
then you remember daddie dear
and see his memory clear, without peer

To call him up
and just say hi
To ask for help
without a lie

And know he'll be there.

Thanks papa
(God I still can't believe he got me all that stuff for my new studio.
(which I'm going to sleep in, starting on tuesday*g*)
And thanks mama for all the help in moving
Thanks Stefaan for bringing dad's stuff over
and thanks Fons for all the burdens you carried for my mom, she really needs a guy like you.
God I love my family.

But I'm still gonna forbid smoking in my new place, as soon as I've moved. ;-)

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