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His stomach hurt, aching painfully, making him aware of it's presence with every breath, no, no breath, with every move, no even when he didn't move it was there, there...
Look at all them pretty people, grab one, that little girl there, take one, rip her throat open. So hungry, ever hungry.
But he couldn't.
It hurt. His head tore him apart whenever he tried. Couldn't bite, couldn't eat, could barely even hit anyone without that sodding migraine tearing open his head. He needed help, food.
But there just wasn't a Salvation Army for hungry vampires.
So where to go…

Tasty. The wrinkled demon hunched down and stared at the little black kittie that crawled up at him. He tried to lure it towards him. Mmmm, kittens.
The redhead glared at him, he quickly stopped and sat back down for a new round in the card game. It just was no fair to tempt a demon this way. That and poker without kittens was boring. There just was no stake in it.
His stomach rumbled. Go to the toilet, grab kitten, have quick snack.
Would anyone mind?
Oh yeah Willow would. She scared him
He shivered and dealt his cards.

He shouldn't have eaten that last twinkie.
He really really really shouldn't have eaten that last twinkie.
Now his stomach was upset and he couldn't run. And he had to run, he had to cause whatever was after him was going to hurt him, bad. He tried to climb over the fence, but he didn't stand a chance. The thing was just playing with him anyway. Making him think he could get away and then…

"Please." He begged.

The demon tore him to bits and ate him up, going through his clothes as if tearing open a wrapper.
"mmmm, twinkies."

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