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Not only is my fic for the hurt comfort ficathon done, but I finally managed to find a beta to go through it for me :-)
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As you might notice my number one fandom at the moment is Teen Wolf, and in particualr, Scott McCall. It's just so rare to find characters who are centered around kindness, gentleness, patience. Characters who don't seek out danger for the sake of glory or 'fun', but solely because others might need them. Characters who get over their own pain to help others, and be there for the people around them even at their own expense.

I just love Scott, and there are way too few fics imho that focus on Scott's feelings, Scott's pain, and Scott's traumas.

For Supernatural my fave character is Dean Winchester by far, and I just love him for trying to be better, putting others before himself, and for all the emotional stuff he tries to hide behind a wall of false bravado. I have a thing for abo in this fandom, because it's a short cut to let Dean be more vulnerable than he'd admit himself to be in the regular universe.

As for Lucifer, while I don't mind ship fic, I'm actually far more interested in the family and friendship bonds on this show. Especially the bond between Lucifer and his older brother Amenadiel.

I love gen fics, fics based around family, found and blood alike, and how friends and family interacts with one another. I love characters sacrificing themselves for others and desperately trying to make things better for those around them, and getting hurt because of it.
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Hey there, dear smut swap writer

I figured I'd give a bit more info.

My three fandoms are Teen Wolf, Supernatural and Superantural RPF

My fave characters in those fandoms are Scott Mccall, Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles. And as I'm very character centric, I tend to ship all those three characters with just about anyone.

(so if you want to take the prompt for one pairing and adapt it for another of my pairings, then I'd be perfectly fine with that. Long as you don't turn either of those three into the bad guy, and keep them as the emotional center of the story.

For Teen Wolf, I see Scott as a switch, who will sub or dom depending on what his partner needs him to be.
I love werewolves as pets stories, and Allison as a dom.  I'm a fan of slave fics in general,
I love scisaac , scallisaac, and sciles, but in all three I would love a focus on Scott's traumas and how he overcomes it.

And my biggest dislikes are character bashing in general, and kink wise, watersports, scat and necrophilia.

For Superantural, and spn rpf, I have a love for abo fics and anything involving consent issues, and the problems that come with that both in an abo society, or in situations where Dean is not in control. I prefer it if Jensen or Dean are not written as if they're weak.

A character can be vulnerable, while still being strong, and I like the contrast between the two for any of my faves.

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Blood in the Sewers (4925 words) by liliaeth
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Scott McCall/Theo Raeken
Characters: Scott McCall, Theo Raeken, Chris Argent, Original Child Character(s)
Additional Tags: Post-Season/Series 06, Angst, scott mccall deserves nice things, Good Theo Raeken
Summary: Scott is trying to save an innocent child from hunters. Theo comes to save him, but fears that maybe he has gone further than his Alpha would allow.

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Password is ‘Peter

A Scott McCall vid, dealing with why Scott might not have had the highest opinion of werewolves in the first four eps of the show.

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It’s funny how often Peter fans like to act as if Peter’s extraordinarily intelligent, when it was Peter’s stupidity that lost him everything in Season 1.

I mean part of what cost him everything was his cruelty and utter lack of concern for the pack he was building. Even a ‘ruthless con man’ like Peter should have known better than to rely entirely on mind control and terror to get a newly bitten beta on his side.

If Peter had actually used his supposed intelligence and greater understanding of human nature, then he would have learned about his beta and used that to get him on his side.

See, the entire reason why Scott was one of the only characters Peter was never been able to manipulate, was because Peter made crucial mistakes in the first few episodes of Season 1.

He was smart enough to trick his nurse into helping him and teach her about werewolves. He was clearheaded enough to lure his niece to Beacon Hills, ambush and murder her. And he was clever enough to stay ahead of the Argents.

Yet when it came to Scott, instead of trying to approach him in a thoughtful manner, he assaulted him, abandoned him, stalked him, terrorized him, and mind-raped him. But when these tactics just made Scott more stubborn, he didn’t change his tactics. He just kept pushing.

If Peter had instead gone up to Scott after he Bit him. If he’d pretended to be sorry, acted as if he was remorseful, played up his injuries from what the Argents did to him and played the role of the victim, then he might have actually gotten a loyal beta out of Scott. Scott’s compassion is also *his defining trait.*

Scott also has a habit of looking up to father figures, it’s why he was so close to Deaton, to the sheriff, to Chris… even Deucalion later on. Peter could have played up the fatherly connection between Alpha and Beta. Scott probably would have forgiven him. After all he forgave Derek easily enough for most of the terrible things Derek pulled in Seasons 1 and 2.

But Peter did none of those things.

The more I think about it, the clearer it becomes how lucky Beacon Hills was that Season-1 Peter was blinded by his rage, his impatience, and his arrogance.

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so I signed up fo three secret santas this year and am thinking of taking part in nanowrimo.

I'll probably use the word counts from the scolia, sciles and sceo secret santos for my nano so that should help somewhat :-)

Can't wait to see what requests I'll get.

Also kinda happy for Demonzdust that their sceo secret santa got twelve participants. Might not seem much, but for a teen wolf rare pair ficathon, it's a decent enough amount. (though if you still want to sign up for it, sign ups are open for another day I think.
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Rules: list the first lines of your last ten published stories. 👀 if there are any patterns yourself, and see if anyone else notices any! tag up to ten friends!

I got tagged by @nyxelestia​ so let’s give this a try

When the Torch passes you by - Teen Wolf

Derek would have been so much better at this.

Forgive me cause I love you - Teen wolf/Criminal Minds

His feet stood frozen to the floor. Goosebumps forming on his neck as he fought the first panic attack he’d had in five years. Well, three and a half. But that last one didn’t really count. He didn’t know what he’d expected to happen for his first real assignment as a probationary agent. A lot of paper work, carrying coffee, drudge work. You know, the kind of things they always told you to expect when you’re new and pushed into an established unit.

Hiding in plain sight - Teen Wolf

The auction was taking place in a mansion larger than any Scott had seen in his life, including the Argent estate in Gévaudan. All around him was a kind of luxury that Scott couldn’t have imagined even a year ago.  Thankfully, he was supposed to play Peter’s assistant, so his discomfort at the surroundings wouldn’t attract all that much attention.

Dios te salve  - Teen wolf

She leant up to the door to the hallway, having locked herself in her bedroom. She was desperate to keep her door closed, to keep out the one person she loved most in the entire world.

A Wolf’s burden  - Teen Wolf

Scott stared up at the sky as he listened to Stiles’ heartbeat. At the sound of his friend’s voice. “Everything is going to be just fine. Chris will get here any minute. We’ll get you taken care of. Please Scott, just stay with me. Stay with me.” Scott’s eyes were still unfocused, as he lay down on the rough wooden remnants  of the broken Nemeton, his legs pulled up. It was hard to keep his eyes open, hard not to give in and let himself fade. Stiles held his hand, coming close to crushing it.

Unmanageable  - Teen Wolf

Rafael McCall had many things that kept him up at night. Cases that were never solved, the faces of victims that begged him to find their killers, the glaring eyes of his superiors whenever they thought he wasn’t living up to their expectations...

Fool me Once  - Teen wolf

Stiles sat still in the dark motel room. He knew that the room's current occupant would be here any minute. The door opened, and for a moment Stiles wondered if Theo would be smart enough to make a run for it. Or be his usual cocky self.

All too Human  - Supernatural

Dean sat on the stairs outside the main cabin of the compound, sipping his beer as he tried not to listen to the fight going on inside between his father and his brother. They’d been at it for almost half an hour by now. The only reason Dean wasn’t stomping inside was because so far he hadn’t heard any sounds of fighting. And it was too public for John to pull out his belt.

Out of the cold, into the tentacles of a stranger  - Supernatural

He woke up in the dark. The bed was soft, so soft… Dean tried to move over and find out whom he’d gone to bed with. He for some reason couldn’t remember doing so, but that wouldn’t be the first time. Not since Sammy left, and Dad went off on his own.

The Dead Man on the Bus  - In the Flesh

Kieren stood quietly at the bus stop. He’d taken the train to Lancaster, and was now waiting for the bus to Leeds. The National express didn’t come to Roarton, not anymore. People didn’t travel like they used to, best to stay where you belonged, it was easier to protect yourself that way.

Tagging anyone who wants to try it?

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I figure I should use this post to give some extra info on my preferences.

In general I prefer for crossovers to be gen. I understand if that doesn't work for you, but just thought I'd mention it ;-)
I'm mostly a multishipper in most fandoms, just please if you write a teen wolf fic, please no sterek or steter.

My favorite Supernatural character is Dean, and I love his relationship with Sam and Cas and everyone else. I love stories that have the Winchesters face off against law enforcement, or that have them go after supernatural beings. (in general I love outsider pov regardless of the fandom involved)

I've watched Supernatural up to the finale of s13, so no worries about spoilers.

As far as NCIS and Criminal Minds are concerned, I mostly love them for the outside pov they offer on the more supernatural tinted fandoms like Supernatural and Teen Wolf. Though I do love all chars on both shows.

Teen Wolf is my biggest current fandom, and for me, it's all about Scott McCall. He's my main fave on the series, and the reason I watch it over and over and over again :-)
So really it woudln't be a Teen Wolf story without him in a major role. I love his relationships with everyone on the show, (and though I ship scerek, sceo, sciles, scallison, scira... and pretty much all Scott ships, I'd still prefer a gen crossover)

Please no character bashing, main character death, or sex between an adult and an underage character.

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