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Anyone up for doing a really really quick teen wolf beta?

It's for the apocalypthaton and needs to be posted by tonight.
(I can probably get away with putting up the unbetaed version tonight, long as I can get it betaed before the fics are revealed)

Fic's only a little over 1000 words.

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I don’t like Firefly.

Big part of the reason for that is the lack of memorable characters, and the shitty worldbuilding.

But it’s not just that, it’s the whole premise of the series.

By the very rules of the series, the Browncoats, aka Mal’s group who lost the war and the people we’re supposed to see as the good guys, are basically coded as confederates.

Think about that for a second

Now I do agree that Whedon was limited due to the series getting cancelled so soon, but if, as I would have hoped, we’d eventually be lead to come to realize that the browncoats were in the wrong, like the people they were modeled after, then you’d think that Whedon would have used the opportunity of the movie to show just that. Instead,he  wasted that chance on making the Alliance even more clearly the bad guys.

And the thing is, Whedon is a liberal, so why didn’t he realize that his very concept of his series sent some damn unfortunate implications. Did he really not realize what message that his very premise was sending?

(and that doesn’t even get me  started on how a world setting supposedly build on the idea of Asian and American cultures meshing, up to the point of them regularly using Chinese in every day conversation, did not have a single regular Chinese character. )

I don’t hate Whedon, but looking back at pretty much most of Whedon’s work, I do think he needs to work on his race issues.


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I had the good fortune to be able to claim Sw0ordy's fic: "Every Day is Exactly the Same"

Here's a header and a pic I made for her :-)

 photo headerswordy6_zpsluxrqk7x.gif
 photo straightjacketdean14_zpsqkrev5bx.gif

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Just sent in my art rough drafts for the spn_j2_bigbang

Hoping I did things right.

And more so, hoping that the eventual result will be the authors being happy with their respective art :-)

Ah well I have till the 18th of june to finish my art for sw0rdy and till the 5th of august to finish meus_venator's art, so I still have some time left to fix stuff :-)
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Pretty sure, I've done this one, once before,but ah well, might as well do it again.

Top five by hits:
1. A pet isn't just for Christmas (13.914 hits)
2. The Pet Whisperer (13.822 hits)
3. Eat it Twilight (13.648 hits)
4. Survival of the Species (10.575 hits)
5. Beautiful (10.097 hits)

Top five by kudos
1. Eat it Twilight (368 kudos)
2. A pet isn't just for Christmas (318 kudos)
3. The Pet Whisperer (235 kudos)
4. Proper Omegas don't drive cars (197 kudos)
5. The dog that belonged to himself (185 kudos)

Mostly dark fic, some gen fic (esp. my SPN/CM crossover)

Of course those are the ones on my liliaeth account, my actual most popular fic, both in comments, kudos and hits is well uhm

A farmer and his cow (24.440 hits, 440 kudos and a grand total of 121 comments)

Slavery AU - Set some time in the future, about a century ago, a scientist looking for a cure for infertility discovered ambrosia instead. A drug created from the body fluids of people fed on a special serum since childhood. Ambrosia is the ultimate cure all, prolonging life, increasing good health and increasingly valuable. In a world dealing with financial mayhem, it's the norm for families who are struggling financially to sell off one or more of their kids to one of the many milking farms.

8 year old Jensen's parents just lost their jobs and money is getting tight, so Jensen is sold to the Padalecki Ranch just down the road. There, Jared, the owner, trains him to be a good little milking cow along with the rest of his live stock. To Jared's great pleasure, and Jensen's misfortune, Jared soon discovers that his new cow is developing into an Omega, a rare breed of the altered human capable of giving birth to farmborn ambrosia cows.

Will the world outside the farm change before it's too late?

Somehow that one's been a hit since I posted it on the kink meme. It' probably also one of the darkest fics I've ever written

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I'm pissed off at the moment.

More than pissed off.

For weeks I've been planning a trip to Bobbejaanland, an amusement park here in the area, with a couple of co-workers. Ended being just me, Sonja, her niece Rita, Melinda (my other co-worker) and Melinda's boyfriend. All of whom claim to be excited and happy to go.

Even yesterday, Sonja was still asking about the bus and trying to arrange stuff.

So this morning, I get stuff ready, I prepare food to take with me, some sandwhiches, some fajitas, some candy, drinks... You know, the kind of stuff that's easy to take along, but leaves you the chance to get rid of the garbage so the bag's almost empty when you return home.

Then just as I'm standing outside, ready to leave, I get a call from Sonja with her suddenly coming up with a list of bullshit excuses for why we should delay things.
-supposedly because of the weather, (keep in mind, I was outside, and it was nice, warm, not even cloudy, and the weather reports said it would be dry all day)
-then suddenly her niece didn't really want to go. (even though Sonja had repeatedly said that the other woman was really looking forward to it)
-And then suddenly she wasn't feeling good, it just came up and bla bla bla...

If you want to fucking cancel a trip that's been planned for weeks, don't cancel right before we were supposed to leave. Don't fucking dare come up with stupid ass excuses, because no, I'm not going to happily agree to go another time.

And the fact that this isn't the first time she's pulled this crap doesn't help her case.

Made even worse that all of a sudden, Melinda's boyfriend's car has no plates and that he was thinking that another day might be better as well. (this was planned for weeks, you cannot make me believe that this was an issue you were not aware of beforehand *grumble*)

And yeah, I know things happen, but you know what...

This is the same kind of crap that happened all the time when I was a kid.
Our dad would get us excited, promise to take us places. And then the very day we were supposed to go, when me and my siblings would be happily waiting to leave, hell sometimes even while we were already on the road, he'd suddenly claim "he didn't feel ok", or "something happened" and suddenly everything was canceled.

I don't deal well with changes in plans for exactly this reason. Because it makes you scared to get excited about just about anything. And right now I just want to scream at Sonja over ruining yet another thing I was looking forward to. Because next time I plan something with her, I'll no longer believe her if she dares to claim she's sure about something.

And yes, I get that tickets are expensive, it's why I've been offering to book them online for weeks. Telling her that the price would be a third lower, if only she booked in advance, that if you planned stuff it would be cheaper. but not even once does she come by to let me help her in arranging it. (and no, I'm not going to pay for other people if they don't even bother coming over for it, so I can be sure they're actually going)

Just utterly furious right now.


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I was just reading a post of someone on Tumblr about how they wanted more focus on female werewolves. And I get that, it would be awesome to see the archetype turned over. And to see the feminine used as a positive. And right now the only movie I can think of about female werewolves is Gingersnaps, if I well remember the title. Which doesn’t exactly fit the idea, but is still interesting to keep in mind.

But aside of that, the reason I’m not just responding to the post, is because it mostly got me thinking about Teen Wolf, and I didn’t want to sidetrack things and bring in something that has only in a small way to do with the original post.

Anyway, thinking about how socalled feminine characteristics would affect being a werewolf, and it brought to mind just how much they were asking for is actually happening with Scott McCall. Because for all the show does wrong, Scott is just such a turn against the classical werewolf notion of dominance and arrogance.

He’s so unique as a character, because instead of being embarrassed by them, he embraces those character traits that are seen as stereotypically female.

Raised by his mother, he goes for acceptance, pack, cooperation. For being kind and understanding, rather than violence. he understands that he’s stronger when he works with others instead of trying to go it on his own.

He has no hesitation about accepting the strength of those characteristics that are usually seen as female, and even helps his girlfriend understand that those things are nothing to be ashamed of. That there’s nothing wrong with accepting your softer side, that being ‘girly’ is nothing to be ashamed of. That it’s better to deal with your flaws or your lack of understanding and admit them so you can work on them and change them. It’s that kind of characterization that allows him to grow as a character with every passing season and makes him interesting..

But of course, for all that he is different from the usual archetype, and probably in part because of it, most Teen Wolf fans can’t stand him and run for the chance to worship Stiles, aka the cliché male asshole whom they can turn into a self insert. (which makes me wonder about how low a self image they must have), or Derek, the brooding anti-hero instead,. Probably in part because those are the male roles they’re used to. Derek especially, is the classical archetype of violence and dominance. (and many of those same fans then lose interest in Derek when he finally starts learning from Scott and becoming more like Scott’s example, because God forbid that men stop being violent and dominating. )

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Meme for people who ship almost everyone:
List 15 fandoms, and ask your friends list to pick one fandom and guess 3 ships from that fandom that you do not, would not, and have never shipped, not even a little.

If someone manages to get all three right, then you can write them a 3-sentence fic about a pairing you actually do like.

BtVS, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, In the Flesh, IZombie, Highlander, Angel, Daredevil, MCU, Grimm, the Flash, Arrow, X-men, Jane the Virgin, Harry Potter
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I hate talking negative about my co-workers to my boss, I really do, especially when it's temp workers who'll be gone in a month.

[work issues]But when a guy annoys the hell out of me, acts as if he knows everything and then starts pretending that I'm the bad guy and goes whining with lies to the temp office he's working for, then I have no choice but to send a mail to my direct supervisor.

Figured it was best to inform her from my side of the story, before she heard from the temp office when she gets back on Monday. (she wasn't working on Friday)

Either way, hoping not to get in trouble over this, and to get rid of the damn asshole.

Seriously the solution to me getting your name wrong, isn't consistently coming up with different wrong names for me, at one point with three different versions in five minutes, when all he had to do was correct me the first time I got his name wrong and I would have apologized and corrected myself. (I mean seriously, when I get a name wrong and you don't correct me, then I go on assuming that I've got the right name, so please, do correct me, I'd never intentionally mis-say or even mispronounce your name if I can avoid it)

Look, I might be a bit bossy, but when my boss tels me to work with a temp worker, who's never been at the post I'm working at, to show him around, tell him how to do the job, then yes, I will be giving orders. Not because I like being in charge, but because we had some complaints about the mobile team when they took over either my post or my other co-worker Semra's post in the past few weeks. Once he was fully worked in, I'd have left him to it, but this was his first three days on the job.

He already annoyed me the first time I saw him by showing up ten minutes late, planning to go back out to call his office as soon as he arrived. It's not that I blame him for being late, when he was only called in at the last minute. But when you are late, you don't start off by making a phone call. He could have easily sent off an text that would have gone through somewhere in the building if he happened to hit a spot with a cell phone connection sooner or later. (the building is horrendous in regards to connections for phone networks, or even radio)

And then when we were finished, he started complaining because we were about five a ten minutes over time. He was ten minutes late for crying out loud, he should have been happy he got to catch up on the time he lost.

And then on Thursday he started complaining that I made him do most of the work... Completely ignoring that on my own floor I'd cleaned up the meeting rooms, did the coffee corner, collected all the dishes, put everything in the dishwasher, did part of the toilets, did... (just cause I made him do the vacuuming and let him clean off the tables does not mean he was doing most of the work, not by far)

When I then ask him to do his kitchen, while I'll head off to take care of the green floor on his part of the building, I assume that after telling him three a four times that thursday we do the inside of the coffeemaker, that he'd understand that that was a part of the job. Or you know, that after I mention the dishwasher several times that day, that he'd realize he still had to put it on. He didn't, on either counts.

The only thing of his account I can't deny is that we spent more time on my half of the building than on the ground floor. But you know what, when I'm on my own, I don't spend as long vacuuming as he did. And I didn't even make him do the restaurant(?) floor with wet, just had him swiff that and the hallway. Neither of which were all that difficult to do. While I was doing the floor of the front part of the restaurant, you know the bit with the counter, the dishwasher, the coffeemaker and the soupbowl, aka the part of it that's actually dirty rather than just having a bit of crumbs on it.

But suuuuure, he 'had to do most of the work' *grumble*

It's bad enough when a guy's a know it all, but when all they can see is the few things they do, while completely ignore the work other people are doing, then it really works on my nerves.

Just hope we won't have a problem on monday.


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Spent some time at my sister's this week, got to see the kids, had fun with them, you know, the usual :-)

As part of that, Nele and I went to see Kingsman:the secret service together. Great movie btw, as political incorrect as it might be.

But that aside, there was this one moment in the movie. [Spoiler (click to open)]When the bad guy's weapon is working, and we see Eggsy's mom try to get through that door to get to and kill her own daughter, it kept me thinking of all the other kids who's parents didn't get some kind of warning to put their kids in safety. Or how the aftermath of that moment of rage would be...

I just really wish I knew how to find some fanfic that deals with that.


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