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Fic title: Silly Love Songs
Author name: nerdypastrychef
Artist name:lore
Genre: rps
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: nc17
Word count: 28,436
Summary:Jensen’s life revolves around love songs. He feels about music the way that most kids feel about Disney movies. They all have a special place in his heart and all of his important memories are embedded with a soundtrack of his favorites.

Jared, on the other hand, doesn’t care much about music beyond background noise and love songs are low on his list. But when he moves into a new apartment in downtown Austin his neighbor’s singing through their shared walls start to change his mind.

A love story told in three acts.

Notes: I tried to make art that fit this lovely fic, and I hope that I came close  :-)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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I'm almost scared to admit it in general spn fandom, but.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I'm not all that upset with Cas' death.

It's not even that I disliked the guy or anything, it's just.... his storyline just felt dragged out, at this point there's only one thing they can do with him, and it seems obvious to me, that no matter how much we want them to, they're not willing to head there. AKA, finally have Dean admit he's in love with the guy, and then use cas as a way to explore Dean's bisexuality.  (admittedly, my concern for Cas has always been primarily how he affected the Winchesters, and I tend to lose interest when they give him a seperate storyline that does not involve Dean and/or Sam. The fact that I lose interest in Cas the more human they make him, does not help the matter either. I liked the guy cause he was inhuman, because of his differences, making him human, turning him into a woobie, removes over half of hat got me interested in the char in the first place)

I've also, always defended spn's tendency to kill off female chars, with the fact that no char on spn is safe, and that it's not just that they kill women and/or poc, except that the past few season well, they've doubled down on killing women and/or poc, and no matter what happened, two white men, who were not the two leads, were always safe as well. Their refusal to permanently kill off Cas and Crowley. (or to keep Bobby gone), only makes their constant killing of women and/or poc look worse. So, killing them off is a bit of a correction of that.

Well that and they'll probably end up bringing Cas back anyway. Whether it helps the show or not.
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Instead of picking 5 people to tag - if you see this meme and want to do it, consider yourself tagged!

• List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes/exchanges/etc which haven't been fulfilled.

• When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:
- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
-Talk about if you are also interested in this type of fic/think this pairing would be fun.
- Nothing - it's just a wishlist! It's a conversations starter and just for fun.

• There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated. Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to any requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

• There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

TO REITERATE: this is not a "request" list but a "wish" list, if anything inspires you and you want to write it, I'd be super happy, but I'm not trying to fish for people to write my dream fic here, it's just in good fun.

My fic preferences: I love both dark fic, and gen, I love abo, the world building especially,  I love everything that puts my fave chars through a wringer, and then has somoene pick them up again. I love to see the character's strenght in their pain, and I love characters who are at heart kind and caring. I'm more character focused than pairing focused, but when I read ship fics, I generally prefer my fave char as the bottom, since that tends to lead to said char getting more of the emotional focus of the story. I also love crossovers, though in general I prefer them to be gen. I'm interested in several fandoms, though the ones I'm currently focused on are Supernatural (both rps and fps, with respectively Jensen and Dean as my fave chars), and Teen Wolf (though it's hard to find good fic in this fandom, since my fave char is Scott)

My ten wishes:

Teen Wolf:
1.  How Scott and his mother got over her fear of his being a werewolf at the end of s2. Just something about the love between the two of them.
2. Someone (preferably Derek, or Melissa) holding Stiles accountable for the way he abused Scott through the years, and especially the way he dehumanised, betrayed and beat up Scott at the end of s5.) Preferablty ending with Stiles finally growing up, learning some decency and apologizing to Scott.
3. A Scott centric Teen Wolf crossover with either SPN, or some cop show, a Teen Wolf/Avengers crossover, or a Teen Wolf/Criminal Minds crossover would be awesome (long as Scott's the main char, almost anythign would be awesome)
4. Agent McCall finds out that Scott is a werewolf, and what that had to do with all the hired killers coming to Beacon Hills. A confrontation between the two would be great
5. Derek/Scott post highschool, with Derek being there for Scott after he's hurt

Supernatural (rpf and rps)
1. Dean/Castiel, dub-con,  au where the angels rule the world, Dean is given to Castiel as a present
2. Jensen is a supervillain, Jared is a superhero. But when some real bad guys try to hurt Jared, Jensen risks his life and gets hurt stopping them. (Jensen might be a thief, want to take over the world, but he has no interest in seeing a good man get killed) Jared takes Jensen with him to his secret lair to look after him, happy ending with Jared eventually redeeming Jensen
3. Dean/any, non con Omega Dean has been hiding his gender for most of his life, until he's caught out, he's put in the hands of an Alpha who has to try and make him behave more 'proper'
4. Jensen/Jared, non-con body modification, Teen Jensen was turned into an Omega against his will, he is assigned to traditional Alpha Jared who just expects Jensen to slide easily into the stereotypical submissive Omega mind set, after all, it's common knowledge that Omegas are weak and need 'guidance'. Jensen quickly proves him otherwise

And last but not least,
1. Steve finds out that Spider-Man is not just a teenager, but a fifteen year old kid, and is horrified that Tony brought a child into combat. Not only did he endanger the boy, but Steve himself almost severely hurt the kid. He gets that Tony felt he was in the right, but endangering a child is unacceptable
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[Spoiler (click to open)]The episode starts with Scott in the dressing room, where he’s pretty much in shock. This scene is set only shortly after the final scene of ep one.

Stiles tries to find out what happened with Allison at the end of the first episode. While Scott is freaked out because he just found out that it was Allison’s father who shot him.
Scott is still both upset and distracted when the lacrosse practice starts, leading to him severely injuring Jackson's shoulder as his werewolf abilities make him lose control. He tries to warn Stiles, but ends up attacking him anyway, with Stiles barely getting away just in time to get his hands on a fire extinguisher to protect himself.

(and oh yes, Derek was stalking him, instead of doing something useful)

So from one moment to another Scott goes from everything being great, to realizing that he’s no longer fully in control of his own actions. After Stiles reminds him that it’s anger and violence that makes him change, Scott’s first reaction is to agree, and to bow out of the game.

The problem is that as soon as he gets home, he has to deal with his mom. Melissa is of course proud of her son making first line, something she probably knows he’s wanted for years. Even her concern as she realizes how bad he’s looking, having trouble sleeping (probably to do with the sleepwalking we saw last ep), she gets worried, and he quickly tries to distract her. Which leads to a fun scene with her worried he’s on drugs, and him shooting back if she ever was. (from the looks of it, she’s at least tried it 😉)

When Scott and Stiles talk on skype, Scott has to deal with the fact that Jackson, the team’s star player, is out of the game, because of his fault, because he hurt the guy. He’s suddenly stuck between keeping the team happy, his dream of playing first line, feeling responsible for Jackson being hurt, and knowing that he’s not fully in control. It’s just at that moment that instead of calmly explaining the dangers and trying to reason with Scott, that instead, Derek breaks into Scott’s bedroom, aka a sixteen year old’s bedroom, and flat out attacks him.
And this while Derek up to this point has done no effort whatsoever to try and even tell Scott, that he wasn’t the one who attacked and bit Scott in the first place. This would be an easy thing for Derek to do, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even try and talk to Scott’s good nature, doesn’t try and warn him of the danger he could pose to innocent people.

Instead of any of that, Derek just threatens him, because Scott getting outed as a werewolf, could hurt Derek. Which in a way is the exact wrong thing for Derek to do.

Despite all that, Scott does indeed try to back out of the game, but of course he can’t just tell the coach that he’s scared that he might end up hurting anyone, he can’t tell him that he might wolf out, or that he could be a threat to anyone around him. So he’s stuck in a situation where there is no good reason he could possibly give to back out of the one thing he's wanted for years; while talking to an authority figure whom he deeply respects, a man who ends up threatening him into playing anyway.

In fact everything seems to conspire to get him on that field, his mother, Allison, the coach, all the people he actually wants to respect him, want him to play the game, even Lydia confront him about it, trying to manipulate him, and playing on his insecurities about his still new relationship with Allison. The fear of disappointing them all is just too much.

When Derek and Scott talk next, Derek is slightly calmer, but he’s still dismissive, and threatening in such a way that feels more like challenging Scott, rather than trying to change his mind. After all, as far as Scott can see, Derek’s bringing Allison home can be seen as a threat, especially when you keep in mind who her father is.

Does Scott want Derek to be responsible, so that he doesn’t have to worry about Derek’s threats if he played? Maybe some small part of him does consider this, but it’s not the only reason he finds Derek suspicious. In fact, he has a lot more reason to suspect Derek in s1, than Stiles had to suspect Theo in s5, yet somehow we’re supposed to act as if Scott is paranoid to think that this weird stalker, who’s threatened him more than once, might possible be the guy that hurt him, turned him and killed the girl they found.

When they go looking for the other half of the body, Laura’s body. Neither Scott nor Stiles have a clue whose body it is that they’re looking for. They have no idea of her connection to Derek or his full story. All they know, all Scott knows, is how Derek’s been behaving. And keeping that in mind, it doesn’t look good for Derek.

Once again, it’s Stiles taking unnecessary risks, showing another part of his character, in how natural it is for him to lie about everything, and how his father isn’t even surprised about this.

“Stop saying werewolf, stop enjoying it so much.”

Scott says it right, when him and Stiles are in the car and he loses control again.  For Stiles, most of this is just a game. It’s Stiles who doesn’t realize how serious the situation really is, even though his life has already been endangered. But then this is the same kid who thought it would be fun to go out in the woods to go look for a corpse, not even considering that the killer might still be around.

Scott is still under the influence of the full moon when he goes to visit (stalk) Allison. But when he sees his face reflected in the window, it instantly spooks him enough to want to run away, and almost ends up with him getting run over by Allison’s dad.

Ending up with yet another reason for him to be unable to back out of the game.

It’s here that Scott is still allowed to express his frustrations, his wants, his needs, gets to be an overwhelmed and scared kid for a moment, only for Stiles to make things worse by pointing out everything that could go wrong.

Jackson has to show just what an asshole he is, finding it more important to hurt Scott, than to win the game. Showing just what kind of character he is, aka the bully of the group. Scott being a werewolf hears Jackson’s words, sees the crowd support for Jackson, and is still under the effect of the moon, and still somehow manages to retain enough control to at least score and prove himself. It’s a moment of strength under fire that’s oh so easy to ignore, but really shouldn’t be.

And then just when things are finally getting too much, his wolf side too strong, and it’s Allison’s voice that breaks through just long enough for him to gain just enough control to hold on till the end of the game, long enough for him to get away from the team and try and be safe for everyone else, releasing his anger on a mirror instead of on a person.

After that it’s the wolf stalking Allison, a moment of horror that must have freaked out Scott even more, once he regained full control of his senses. The tension built up, so when Scott calms down enough to face her, to be honest to her, about being nervous at least, it’s a full release and stands in contrast to the start of the scene.

I love that Scott got that moment of happiness, of realizing he had managed to find control. Even if it was quickly ruined when Stiles comes to tell Scott the bad news, that Derek is out, and who the victim is.

The episode ends of course with Jackson finding a clue in Scott’s gloves, and Derek being his usual total creeper. I mean seriously, what’s he even doing, standing there, glaring at Jackson.

If he was there in case something went wrong with Scott, why not follow after the kid when he runs inside? No, that would be making sense, instead he’s standing outside in the dark, catching attention, by being an obvious creeper.

It’s just… It makes it incredibly hard for me to understand how fandom does NOT seem to get that Scott was entirely in the right to distrust Derek after the way he behaved.

But then people have always seemed to be more likely to hold Scott accountable for even the slightest mistake, no matter how young he is, while treating Derek as a woobie who can do no wrong, even though he’s the adult of the two.

Either way, the episode was a good follow up on Wolf Moon, a nice further exploration of the characters, letting us know more about them than the basic types. And Scott is just so totally human and loveable, right from the start.
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I just got my hands on the dvd's for s3-s5 of Teen Wolf, so I figured, wouldn't it be fun to do a rewatch of the entire show. I'll be trying to write a review of each episode as I go, and hopefully others will enjoy it as much as I'm hoping I will :-)
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Since I'm planning to stay till the end, even though with all the crap, I'll be crossposting to dreamswidth as well, I just felt I shoudl at least celebrate LJ because I know I for one would definitely miss it, if it were no longer here.

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Laundry Day (13151 words) by posingasme
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nancy Fitzgerald/Dean Winchester, Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Nancy Fitzgerald, Ellen Harvelle, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Gabriel, Pamela Barnes, Annie Hawkins, Impala (Supernatural)
Additional Tags: Brothers, Big Brother Dean, Dreams and Nightmares, Alternate Universe - Canon, Alternate Universe - Supernatural Hunters, Consequences

For his entire life, the only consistency had been the recurring event called Laundry Day. It was a day between hunts, when Dean found a small town to run errands of all kinds, including, of course, cleaning clothes. This particular Laundry Day isn't going as planned, especially since Dean could swear that when it started this morning, he'd had a kid brother named Sam...

Notes: And a big shout out to my amazing writer Posingasme, who was awesome to work for

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I am so damn tired of all the mon El hatred in Supergirl fandom on Tumblr, it's not even that I think he's perfect, or that I want him with Kara. (she worked far better with Jimmy), but people are just so over the top in their hatred, that I can't help but feel protective over the guy.

The fact that unlike some other characters, he's actually trying to change, and improve himself, makes the constant barrage of hatred against him, just so damn annoying.

I just wanted to see people talk about Duet, the musical episode, which was awesome, and people seem to be constantly dragging on Mon El, and because of it, on the episode as well.

It just feels like a repeat of how people acted about Riley Finn back in s4 of Buffy. it was enough to start the seeds for having me grow out of Buffy/Angel then, so you can imagine what it could lead to if it keeps up.

I'd get it if people just complained about the character on the anti tags, but they keep insisting on doing so in any tag even remotely connected to Supergirl, and worst of all, in the Mon el tag and karamel tag as well.
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Art Title: Owned
Prompt Number: E3008
Artist: liliaeth
Fic Title: Owned
Author: jiniz
Fandom/Genre: SPN
Pairing: Dean/tentacles
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 3026
Warnings: DubCon
Art Link(s): LJ
Fic Link: AO3
Summary: Ignoring is brother's advice, Dean sets off on a hunt alone even though he has no real lead to follow. What he encounters in an abandoned bunker not unlike the one he calls home isn't what he was expecting, but it's exactly what he needs.
Tags: Tentacle sex, Tentacles, PWP

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